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01. About

We are world builders for brands.

Realm is the pioneer of Engineered Marketing. We see the world in a “different light”. We see high-definition interactions, multi-layered connections, and deeper impactful, immersive storytelling. In other words we're not just a creative agency. We’re a super-charged jet engine for acceleration and business growth.

Shane Valdez built the concept of Brand World build from a 2016 collaboration with Alex McDowell. Alex created the technology and architecture of the world you see in the Spielberg film Minority Report among many others.

As Shane worked with Alex it struck him that a lot of his work and his thinking could also be applied to brand building too. Building Worlds is about realizing your brand’s destiny through a dynamic mixture of science, art and imagination.

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02. Services

We’re a super-charged jet engine for acceleration and business growth.

World Building

We do a process we are calling WorldMapping™, a first-of-its-kind approach to campaign and script development where resonance and trends shape opinions and emotions – content and diversity. It’s how our team digs deep into the nuance, details, and science of storytelling. Through technology and trends, we find then explore the best ways to amplify impact. The results are mind-blowing, groundbreaking, impactful, and build cultural influence beyond numbers..

Creative, Strategy & Account Management

Creativity runs through our veins. But the real proof of our effectiveness is indisputable sales growth, retention, and return-on-investment. We are proud to have played a role in our clients’ incredible rise over the last ten years. Take a look at the numbers – they are beyond words. We combine creative firehouse with full-service capabilities across Production, Strategy, Creative, Digital, Social, and Experimental Marketing.

Production, Post & Visual Effects

Realm is rooted in production. We started by taking the commercial & Television world by storm. Doing so we have worked alongside some of the world’s best brands and creatives. REALM AGENCY is an independent, passionate and dedicated advertising agency. We have created everything from launching America’s biggest television shows, to rebranding power tools.

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03. Contact

We are a new agency with big creatives, radical ideas and clients that need to be on the pulse of what’s next. With offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, come say hi!

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1052 West Fulton Market,
Unit 2e/w,
Chicago, IL

8717 Venice Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA

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Norm Reiss

Managing Director

+1 310 266-2233


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